Qualified Products List

Applications and products that have undergone lab testing to confirm that they process identity credentials correctly

What is the Qualified Products List?

The Qualified Products List (QPL) is a public collection of applications and products that have undergone lab testing to confirm that they process identity credentials correctly. Listing on the QPL confirms that an application has undergone cryptographic testing through DirectTrust Identity (formerly SAFE Identity) and uses digital identities in the way holders, issuers and relying parties expect.

With the QPL, healthcare organizations can easily discover applications and products that can meet the security and reliability needs of their healthcare organization without the burden of taking on cryptographic testing themselves.

When an organization buys one credential under DirectTrust Identity, they know that the credential is functional across multiple applications that conform to the DirectTrust Identity community-driven policies. To be listed on the QPL, all products must be compatible and interoperable with all DirectTrust Identity Certified Credentials.

QPL Products

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Rely on the QPL

When acquiring identity-related products, there are many considerations for a healthcare organization to keep in mind. Is this product secure? Is it simple to use? Will it easily integrate into existing systems? Will it process identity credentials correctly? Is it interoperable with other similar cryptographic systems?

The answer to these questions can oftentimes be difficult to find and may require validation testing to prove that the product works as expected. Choosing a product that meets the mark for all these considerations can be a challenge, especially for healthcare organizations that do not specialize in cryptography as a core competency to its business. The QPL is designed to solve for this challenge.

The QPL is a free and public list of identity-related applications and products that have undergone cryptographic lab testing through DirectTrust Identity (formerly SAFE Identity). Listing on the QPL confirms that a solution uses digital identities in the way holders, issuers and relying parties expect. Each product undergoes diverse and rigorous testing to ensure it meets testing requirements for security and cryptography. Each product also must meet certain interoperability standards, meaning all products and applications on the list process identity in the same way for seamless integration.

Relying on the QPL is simple, free and easy.

Vendors and Products Participating in the QPL

QPL Participating Vendors

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Using the QPL

Organizations can consult the QPL to make informed decisions on which identity products and applications for digital signatures, encryption and authentication best meet their needs.

Products are listed by category for simple searching and an easy comparative analysis between products and certification criteria. Each listing contains more information about the product, the category it has been tested for, and links back to the vendor site for purchasing information.

As it stands, organizations can find Certified Credential Providers for identity credentials and products that support digital signatures on the QPL. As the list expands to encompass services such as Single Sign-On Gateways for logical access control, encryption and code signing, healthcare organizations can expect to find more products that meet their needs for usability, security and interoperability.

Making the QPL a Requirement for Vendors

Can’t find the product you’re looking for on the QPL? You have options!

Add QPL Testing as a Procurement Requirement

The first and most effective way to rely on the QPL is to add QPL testing as a procurement requirement for vendors. This way, vendors must send their applications and products through the QPL lab to test for assurance, security, quality and usability before conducting business with your organization.

Contact us for sample procurement language to use in your RFQs and RFPs:

Recommend a Vendor

The second, reach out to us with the contact information for the vendor you would like to see listed. We will start a dialogue with the vendor on your behalf to gauge their interest in getting listed on the QPL.

Contact us with the name, email address and/or phone number of the vendor you would like to see listed on the QPL. We’ll take it from there!

Lab tested and approved

If you are a provider of identity-related products and applications, getting your products listed on the QPL gives you direct access to healthcare organizations searching for these solutions. As the only list of its kind, the QPL is a staple tool for healthcare and offers high visibility to those listed. It is also a great product marketing asset.

Vendors with listed products can share that their product or application properly implements cryptography, correctly processes identity, and meets requirements for usability – all validated through a third party. Testing and certification also ensures that an identity product is interoperable with the entire SAFE ecosystem, now part of DirectTrust, opening a pathway to a full network of identity providers and healthcare organizations who rely on the QPL.