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Lab tested and approved.

The QPL is a public collection of applications and products that have undergone lab testing to confirm that they process identity credentials correctly. Listing on the QPL confirms that an application has undergone cryptographic testing through SAFE Identity (now DirectTrust Identity) and uses digital identities in the way holders, issuers and relying parties expect.

Think of a digital identity as a key. It’s not good enough to standardize a key alone – locks must be standardized, too, so that the key works correctly within it. To carry on the analogy, a screwdriver or a different key, shouldn’t open the lock. It is essential to know only the right key will open the lock. The QPL tests locks and keys to make sure they work together properly to achieve security, interoperability, and convenience.

The QPL and associated standards, specifications and test use cases validate the locks, ensuring they only work when using the proper key, thereby ensuring security and interoperability.

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Trans Sped TSP

Trans Sped TSP

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