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Our members are a key force in pushing interoperability forward.  Join us to drive change and create a more interoperable world!

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Benefits of DirectTrust Membership

DirectTrust membership includes participation in DirectTrust Standards as well as the following benefits:

  • Opportunities to influence and shape the DirectTrust Trust Framework
  • Access to DirectTrust deliverables (including for cobranding) and intellectual property, as well as participation in workgroups
  • Insight into the work being done by your colleagues in the community
  • Discounted access to DirectTrust products
  • Up to date information about the continually evolving regulatory environment


One of the primary benefits of membership is the opportunity to impact the development of the nation’s premiere trust framework by participating in the DirectTrust Workgroups. An overview of each workgroup, including their goal and the value of participation, is outlined below.

*Workgroup is currently on hiatus or working with another Workgroup towards a common goal

Certificate Policy

and Practices

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Certificate Policy and Practices

Workgroup Goal: Manage, maintain, and evolve DirectTrust policies to promote confidence in our services, both current and future.

Value of Participation: Be represented in discussions of how policies and practices for identity and trust will evolve for current and future technology approaches.

Identity Management and

Sub-Workgroup of CPP

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Identity Management Sub-Workgroup of CPP

Workgroup Goal: Maintain and update appropriate identity and identity-proofing policies that support the organization’s “Trust in Identity” mission.

Value of Participation: Navigate our shared trust community through responding to new threats and opportunities in a changing security landscape.



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Consumer Credentials

Mission Statement: The Consumer Credentials workgroup will develop policies that articulate use cases and best practices for individual identity management that bring confidence and trust to, and eliminate friction in, secure health information exchange transactions, grounded in DirectTrust’s trust framework as a foundation for reusable, consumer-controlled individual identity.

Direct Directory


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Direct Directory Policy

Workgroup Goal: Evolve and maintain use and usability of our Directory through appropriate policy and innovation.

Value of Participation: Participate in the evolution of the nation’s largest directory of digital contact information for providers.



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Innovation Priorities

Workgroup Goal: Create new service lines and use cases that promote the use of DirectTrust services and standards.

Value of Participation: Help forge the future of interoperability and tackle unsolved problems with some of the industry’s brightest stars.

Release of Information Sub-Workgroup of Innovation Priorities

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Release of Information Sub-Workgroup of Innovation Priorities

Workgroup Goal: Investigate the capability of health information exchange pursuant to a HIPAA authorization or patient consent over the DirectTrust network.

Value of Participation: Formulate the usage of Direct Secure Messaging for members to expand their health information exchange possibilities.

Security and Trust


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Security and Trust Compliance

Workgroup Goal: Manage, maintain, and evolve the policies governing our network operators.

Value of Participation: Participate in discussion and proposals to update policies, ratification, and compliance enforcement.

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