Directory Services

DirectTrust compiles published Direct Addresses into a single Directory

Participating HISPs submit their published Direct Addresses to DirectTrust to be aggregated into a single directory, which is then distributed back to the HISPs. Those HISPs determine how their clients/users access the DirectTrust Aggregated Directory. DirectTrust highly encourages users to publish their Direct Addresses for inclusion in the aggregated Directory for ease of look up by other users. The below map illustrates the distribution of Direct Addresses across the United States.

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Direct Secure Messaging

Secure and trusted health information exchange is fueled by the Direct Standardâ„¢ and our robust national network

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Directory Aggregation Service

With a variety of HISPs operating, serving healthcare organizations, and issuing addresses, it’s important to have a single source of truth for address lookup. DirectTrust collects all published Direct Addresses into a Directory, and then offers the DirectTrust Aggregated Directory back to participating HISPs.

How to Access the DirectTrust Directory

Our agreement with our network operator HISPs only allows directory data to be shared with the clients/users of other participating member HISPs. Nearly every healthcare organization or practice in the United States is served by a member HISP, and therefore should have access to the DirectTrust directory through their HISP.

The aggregated directory currently contains about half of all DirectTrust addresses. Why? Our agreement with our HISPs allows for privacy: addresses are only published if an organization chooses to share their addresses with the directory as a whole. While there are reasons for not publishing a Direct Address, we encourage users to opt in to sharing their addresses.

Directory Services Policy and User Guide

Learn about how to participate in the Directory service, submit Direct Addresses, and receive the aggregated Directory back

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Directory Aggregation Participants

The following is a list of DirectTrust member HISPs and their status in the Directory Data Aggregation Service.

Direct Secure Messaging

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Trust Framework

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