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The Direct Standard™

The Direct Standard is the foundation of Direct Secure Messaging.  Find more information about the DS2019_01: The Direct Standard™ Consensus Body on this page.

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ANSI PINS Abstract

The Direct Standard was created to specify a simple, secure, scalable, and standards-based mechanism for participants to send authenticated, encrypted health information to known trusted recipients over the Internet. It builds upon existing standards and deployed internet scale infrastructure such as RFC5322 for message structure, RFC5751 for message security, and RFC5280 for public key infrastructure (PKI). The Direct Standard specifies not only a profiled use of these technologies but adds requirements and specifications for quality of service notifications, public key discovery, and building scalable trust relationships among message exchange partners.

DS2019_01: The Direct Standard™ Consensus Body

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The Direct Project

To access historical information about the Direct Standard from the Direct Project, please use the following link to access the Wiki page. Please note this site is not actively updated, rather only used for historical context.

The Direct Project Wiki

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