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Access artifacts for in development Standards and published Standards.

Artifacts for our Standards and Initiatives

This is the main entry page for access to Artifacts, which includes Profiles, Extensions, Search Parameters, Examples, and Schema created and maintained by DirectTrust, in a convenient browsable form.

DirectTrust also maintains Terminology, including the Naming Systems, Code Systems, and Value Sets which are cited in DirectTrust published artifacts (Standards and Implementation Guides) in a convenient browsable form.

On the appropriate resource-type page (e.g. Naming Systems, Extensions, etc.) click on the object name to get a downloadable copy of the resource.

Types of Artifacts


A Profile is a definition of a data structure designed to hold certain types of data for a specific use case. A populated instance of a data structure can be validated to confirm that the information conforms to a named or asserted profile.


An extension is a component data element that is added to an existing data structure to expand the type or quantity of information that can be conveyed within the existing data model.

Search Parameters

A search parameter defines a named search item that can be used to search/filter on a resource.


Examples are technical instances which are informative materials that augment a DirectTrust standard or Implementation Guide.


Schema are the organization or structure for a database.

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