We’re proud to convene the following Roundtables to listen, learn, and act to improve health IT


DirectTrust convenes several Roundtables to bring together peers from across the industry, regardless of their membership in DirectTrust. The goal of our Roundtables is to offer a collaborative environment to discuss opportunities for improvement and outline real solutions to improve the use of Direct Secure Messaging for all.

Participation in Roundtables is through invitation or application. If you are interested in participating in a Roundtable, we encourage you to reach out to us to express your interest.

EHR Roundtable

EHR Roundtable

Coming together with the goals to ensure that Direct technology is not only widely deployed, but also implemented to its full capacity to optimize utilization in order to facilitate the best possible patient care, the EHR Roundtable offers a collaborative environment to discuss best practices and outline roadmaps for improvement.


Check out some of the issues the EHR Roundtable has addressed and their answers to a recent survey

Outcomes of the EHR Roundtable

Perhaps most notably, the EHR Roundtable determined that Direct Secure Messaging offered the most viable solution to addressing the CMS Admission/Discharge/Transfer Notification Conditions of Participation requirement. In September 2020, the EHR Roundtable participants transitioned their focus to working in the Event Notifications via Direct Consensus Body to meet the short timeline for regulatory compliance. In February 2021, DirectTrust announced the publication of the Event Notifications via the Direct Standard™ Implementation Guide.

Direct in Practice Roundtable

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An evolution of our Clinician Steering Workgroup, the Direct in Practice Roundtable brings together those who use or support Direct in a care setting (like clinicians, CIOs, practice administrators, etc.) to address workflow and usability hurdles, as well as outline and advocate for solutions.

Best Practices

MIRO Process

To see more of how we collaborate in these Roundtables, check out a quick video overview of a collaborative brainstorming and voting exercise.