What We Do

We’re pleased to offer the following services to our community.

DirectTrust Services

DirectTrust maintains a secure communication network based on a trust framework for exchange between trusted partners. DirectTrust federates that trust by accrediting HISPs, Certificate Authorities, and Registration Authorities. Accredited HISPs can participate in the DirectTrust Accredited Trust Bundle, eliminating the need for point-to-point agreements between each HISP. Accredited HISPs can issue identity-proofed Direct Addresses to providers and patients/consumers to send and receive Direct Secure Messages. DirectTrust also maintains and offers a Directory of participating addresses for use by those in the network.

Trust Bundle

Accredited HISPs in the Trust Anchor Bundle facilitate interoperable exchange in a uniform and scalable manner consistent with industry best practices for security and trust, thereby avoiding one-off negotiations and agreements between relying parties who participate in the bundle.

Partnership for Patients / Consumers

A Partnership for Patients/Consumer participating partner offers Direct Addresses for identity-proofed individuals to safely and securely communicate with their providers.  

Direct Secure Messaging

The timely and secure exchange of health information is critical to patient care, and Direct Secure Messaging provides for that exchange across organizational boundaries. Utilizing the consensus-based Direct Standard™, Direct exchange is simple, secure, and scalable. Available through certified EHRs, Direct is readily available for providers to share data with other providers, eliminating redundancy of diagnostic testing, reducing the cost of care and easing inconvenience on patients and providers alike. Through utilization of Direct, patients will receive better coordinated care, leading to improved outcomes, and ultimately culminating in increased patient and provider satisfaction.

Directory Services

DirectTrust aggregates published Direct Addresses from participating HISPs into a single directory, and we in turn provide them the full aggregated DirectTrust Directory to make available to their clients and users. The Directory promotes interoperability by encouraging the publishing and sharing of Direct Addresses for secure and trusted exchange.

Trust Framework

We’re proud to offer a technical trust framework to establish confidence in the secure exchange of health information.