Partnership for Patients / Consumers

Connecting consumers to their healthcare

What is the Partnership for Patients/Consumers Program?

Health data is some of the most sensitive in the world, and Patients/Consumers should be able to communicate with their providers securely. This program extends the premier national network for secure and trusted health communication to Patients/Consumers through issuance of their own Direct Address.

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How to Participate

About Participation

We know security and trust is important when it comes to health information, and we’re excited to be able to offer Patients and Consumers the ability to participate in their care. With the ease of email but the thoroughness of identity verification, Direct exchange offers Patients/Consumers and Providers a trusted and encrypted mechanism for communication. Through specific Health Information Service Providers (HISPs) who have achieved accreditation, Patients/Consumers may be able to obtain a Direct Address to being exchanging messages with their care providers.

Acquiring a Consumer Direct Address

To obtain a Direct Address, follow the steps below.

  1. Choose a vendor who offers Direct Secure Messaging to Patients/Consumers. We’ve listed our members who provide this service below.
  2. Follow their instructions for verifying your identity.
  3. Set up your account with them by following their on-boarding instructions.
  4. Begin using your Direct Address and account to send and receive Direct messages and attachments.
  5. Ask your provider(s) to send your desired medical records to your Direct Address, providing them your address. Different providers and technologies call Direct Secure Messaging different things, so don’t be surprised if they may call it a different name! If they have questions, suggest that they reach out to their EHR vendor or HISP.

DirectTrust Accredited HISPs Offering Patient/Consumer Direct Addresses

EMR Direct
iShare Medical
Secure Exchange Solutions


Reference in this web page to any specific commercial product, process, or service, or the use of any trade, firm, or corporation name is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement, recommendation, or certification of any kind by DirectTrust. Persons using such products assume responsibility for their use in accordance with current directions of the service provider.

Member Participation

DirectTrust Accredited HISPs in good standing can participate in the Partnership for Patients/Consumers program. Contact us at [email protected] for more information on the requirements of participation.

Provider Participation

If you, your medical practice, or your hospital use an EHR, chances are very high that Direct Secure Messaging is available to you (although it might be called something different in your system!). While most providers currently use Direct Secure Messaging to communicate with other providers for the purposes of transitions of care, referrals, and care coordination, Direct exchange offers benefits to you and your patients as well!

As an incredibly secure means of communication, Direct Secure Messaging offers an opportunity to share information with patients that may not typically be available through a patient portal. While patients may see multiple providers, they only need one Direct Address. Sharing information with patients via Direct exchange means that they can help participate and coordinate their own care, sharing that data with other providers when appropriate.

If you are interested in participating in information sharing with Patients/Consumers via Direct Secure Messaging, contact your EHR Vendor or HISP to learn more.