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Access terminology resources, objects, and references for Standards and initiatives.

Terminology for our Standards and Initiatives

This is the main entry page for access to Terminology created and maintained by DirectTrust. This material comprises the Naming Systems, Code Systems, and Value Sets which are cited in DirectTrust published artifacts (Standards and Implementation Guides) in a convenient browsable form.

DirectTrust also maintains Artifacts, which includes Profiles, Extensions, Search Parameters, Examples, and Schema.

On the appropriate resource-type page (e.g. Naming Systems, Extensions, etc.) click on the object name to get a downloadable copy of the resource.

Types of Terminology

Naming Systems

A NamingSystem is a curated namespace that issues unique symbols within that namespace for the identification of concepts, people, devices, etc. It represents a “system” used within the Identifier and Coding data types and can be noted in a registry for other systems to find and understand.

Code Systems

A CodeSystem is used to declare the existence of and describe a code system or code system supplement and its key properties, and optionally define a part of or all of its content. Code systems define which codes (symbols and/or expressions) exist, and how they are understood.

Value Sets

A ValueSet specifies a set of codes drawn from one or more code systems, intended for use in a particular context. A value set defines the range of coded concepts that can be populated within a coded element in a data structure. A value set expansion is the set of coded concepts resulting from applying a value set definition to a specific version of the indicated code systems.

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