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DirectTrust Standards (developed by the DirectTrust Standards division of DirectTrust) are designed to serve the public interest by facilitating interoperability, interchangeability and improvement of products. Existence of such Standards shall not in any respect preclude any member or non-member of DirectTrust from developing or selling products not conforming to such Standards.

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Current Consensus Bodies include:

ANSI Approved Standards

Consensus Body Document Number ANSI Approved On Document Title
The Direct Standard® ANSI/DS 2019-01-100-2021 5/13/21 Applicability Statement for Secure Health Transport, Version1.3 (Commonly known as “The Direct Standard®”)
TIM+ ANSI/DS 2019-02-100-2021 9/30/21 Trusted Instant Messaging Plus (TIM+) Applicability Statement Version 1.1.1
Event Notifications via Direct ANSI/DS2020 – 03-101-2024 1/4/24 Event Notifications via the Direct Standard®
Event Notifications via Direct ANSI/DS 2020-03-100-2022 5/13/22 Event Notifications via the Direct Standard®

Standards Documents in Development

Consensus Body Document Number Development Phase Document Title
The Direct Standard® BSR/DS 2019-01-200 PINS Submitted 7/16/2021 PINS Request: XDR and XDM for the Direct Standard®

XDR and XDM for Direct Messaging Specification

Privacy-Enhancing Record Locator Service (PEHRLS) Ecosystem BSR/DS 2022-05-100 PINS Submitted 3/11/2022

Response Ended 4/10/2022

Privacy-Enhancing Health Record Locator Service Ecosystem
The Direct Standard® BSR/DS 2019-01-300 PINS Submitted 11/18/2022

Response Ended 12/18/2022

PINS – Direct Standard DS2019-01-300

Implementation Guide for Direct Edge Protocols

The Direct Standard® BSR/DS2019-01-400 PINS Submitted 08/29/2023

Response Ending 09/29/2023

PINS for Implementation Guide for Delivery Notification in Direct

Implementation Guide for Delivery Notification in Direct

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