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Event Notifications via the Direct Standard®

Care teams should be informed when a mutual patient experiences an event, like a hospital admission, discharge, or transfer (ADT). In response to the CMS requirement that hospitals electronically send ADT notifications by May 1, 2021, a Consensus Body formed to identify a solution using Direct Secure Messaging for both senders and receivers of these notifications. Forty organizations and individuals representing the care continuum collaborated on an Implementation Guide for Event Notifications via the Direct Standard®.

Access the Implementation Guide and additional resources about Event Notifications via Direct below.

Last updated 2/18/2024

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Benefits of Event Notifications via Direct

Participating Organizations

The following organizations and individuals participate in the Event Notifications via the Direct Standard® Consensus Body, or have committed to implement the Implementation Guide. If your organization is committed to adopting/implementing the IG, take the pledge below to be added to this page! Additional information about Implementers and their solutions can be found from the link below.

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Data Motion
EMR Direct
iShare Medical
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Secure HIT

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