Interoperable Secure Cloud Fax Consensus Body
Information Session

Wednesday, March 6 at 1 p.m. ET

Many industries (including healthcare) that still rely on fax machines for communication need a system that integrates with modern technology without drastically changing their current methods and equipment. This new Consensus Body, called “Interoperable Secure Cloud Fax,” aims to improve fax communication by enhancing security features and incorporating them into a new standard. It will include consistent identity verification across different platforms and organizations, a standardized way to exchange additional data (metadata), and universally accepted security standards.


The key benefit of a possible new standard is that it allows industries like healthcare to adopt newer, more efficient ways of communicating without the need to overhaul their existing processes or invest heavily in new infrastructure. The improvements are built into the fax transmission process itself, meaning that users don’t have to make significant changes on their end.


Join us for an Information Session about the formation of this new Consensus Body and what the group hopes to accomplish.



The information session will cover the following topics:
  • What will the Interoperable Secure Cloud Fax Consensus Body do?
  • Planning and launching of the Consensus Body
  • Participation in the Consensus Body
  • Open discussion