Power of Direct: How Electronic Communications Improve Workflow Efficiencies, Safety and Collaboration During the Pandemic

Tuesday November 17th, 2020 at 12 pm Eastern

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The COVID pandemic presents new challenges that providers have rarely dealt with before, such as requiring patients and staff to wear face masks and social distancing while delivering care. These measures change the office dynamic. In many cases, wearing a face mask and limiting the number of patients in the office makes it difficult to collect sufficient patient information.

Given that accurate data is vital to patient care delivery, providers ought to consider obtaining patient information electronically. Convenient, efficient, and secure, automated messaging facilitates unprecedented data accuracy while complying with COVID guidelines. Fortunately, most provider EHRs are equipped with the communication features to implement electronic clinical exchange with minimal effort or cost.

This webinar examines a typical referral and communications sequence in the management of a patient with diabetes, a chronic high-risk use case that has serious implications during the COVID pandemic. The use case will demonstrate multiple care transitions and how Direct Secure Messaging enables providers to collaborate across healthcare networks to improve patient care, forge new relationships and build a successful business. Also highlighted in the presentation are the benefits of standards-based communication using Direct Secure Messaging to establish a strong referral practice, protect your staff, decrease patient contact time, and provide your patients with a better overall clinical experience.