The following organizations have indicated they will be implementers of Event Notifications via Direct. Click on the organization name to learn more about them and their Event Notifications via Direct solution!

Event Notifications via Direct

Audacious Inquiry

With well over a decade of enabling care coordination by routing real-time patient information among physicians, health plans and hospitals, our solutions are fundamentally focused on enabling safer transitions of care. We are excited about the Direct Standard™ Implementation Guide for ADT notifications since it refines the standards and will allow improved provider workflow

– Scott Afzal, President


Direct is the ideal solution for meeting CMS ADT notifications requirements, which in turn results in better care coordination and better outcomes. We’re thrilled to be a part of implementing interoperability in ways health practitioners can use to get better outcomes. DataMotion Direct is integrated by over 100 EMR/EHR vendors, enabling easy exchange for providers.

– Bob Janacek, CEO


EMR Direct


iShare Medical

At iShare Medical we are pleased to be implementing this exciting new standard for Event Notifications that will help improve care coordination reduce cost, and support new payment and care models. We believe this new DirectTrust standard will play a vital role in interoperability in this decade.

– Linda Van Horn, President and CEO


Care can be transformed with event notifications and Direct messaging by finally placing the right clinical information in the right hands at the right time to take action! We are thrilled to participate in this effort!

– Therasa Bell, President and CTO


The new CMS requirement for sharing admission, discharge and transfer notifications is so much more than a check-the-box mandate, it’s an opportunity to change the way healthcare works. The Direct Standard™ Implementation Guide for ADT notifications explains how a proven standard can rapidly be used to send actionable alerts to the right organization at the right time. We are excited to demonstrate this innovative interoperability at the Adoptathon in April!

– Lisa R. Nelson, MS, MBA, VP Business Development and Marketing, Principal Informaticist


MedAllies, leveraging DirectTrust, powers many leading CMS CoP event notification solutions enabling hospital clients to comply with this crucial mandate. Through our EHR and third-party strategic partnerships, we’re providing the right solution for both the senders and the receivers throughout their embedded workflow.

– Tom Visotsky, Chief Commercial Officer


Healthcare organizations need their sensitive data to be both secure and easily shareable, in order to deliver the positive outcomes and satisfying experiences that patients expect. MEDITECH supports Event Notifications via the Direct Standard, to keep all providers throughout the continuum connected and quickly informed about major changes to a patient’s care. We are glad to be a contributing member to the DirectTrust Event Notifications Consensus Body, so we can do our part to move this important initiative forward.

– Scott Radner, Vice President of Advanced Technology


PatientPing utilizes event notifications to coordinate care among hospitals, health systems, ACOs, post-acutes, health plans, POs, HIEs, and community providers across the nation to ensure patients receive the best care possible and improve organizational outcomes.

– Jitin Asnaani, Head of Partnerships and Government Affairs

Secure Exchange Solutions

Secure HIT

Direct Secure Messaging is a proven technology for the last decade, has been a real secure and fast solution in the middle of the pandemic. Implementing the Event Notifications using a proven, in-place and accredited technology is a bulletproof method to reach a successful, secure, fast and happy 😃 ending.

– Janet Rios, Founder

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