New Roundtable, open to non-members, will address opportunities for in-practice use of Direct Secure Messaging

WASHINGTON, March 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DirectTrust today announced the formation of the Direct in Practice Roundtable to assess how Direct Secure Messaging is used and encountered in clinical and healthcare settings in a provider or care team workflow. DirectTrust is a non-profit healthcare industry alliance created to support secure, identity-verified electronic exchanges of protected health information (PHI) between provider organizations, and between providers and patients, for the purpose of improved coordination of care.

“DirectTrust has historically been fairly separated from hearing the wants and needs of the people who are using Direct, and we’re excited to change that,” said Scott Stuewe, DirectTrust President and CEO. “With this Roundtable—a spinoff from our Clinician Steering Workgroup—our intention is to hear from more voices about the everyday use of Direct Secure Messaging. As our experience with the EHR Roundtable attests, convening a large group from various backgrounds will enable us to listen, assess, and most effectively determine the best path forward.”

Stuewe continued, “This Roundtable is a prime opportunity for clinical and informatics leaders to make their voices heard and help us find solutions and address improvements for Direct to better fuel care coordination and quality of care.”

The first topic to be addressed by the Roundtable will be Admission/Discharge/Transfer (ADT) Event Notifications, specifically relating to the recently published Implementation Guide for Event Notifications via the Direct Standard™. Discussion will include workflow, Directory, and context opportunities related to these notifications.

Clinicians, healthcare informatics professionals, EHR “super users,” practice administrators, and others using Direct to support care teams are invited to participate in the Roundtable, which is open to DirectTrust non-members as well as members.

DirectTrust is hosting an information session for those who want to learn more about participating in the Roundtable on Thursday 3/25 at 12:00pm ET. Click here to register.

About DirectTrust
DirectTrust™ is a non-profit, vendor-neutral alliance initially created by and for participants in the Direct community, including Health Information Service Providers (HISPs), Certificate Authorities (CAs), Registration Authorities (RAs), healthcare providers, consumers/patients, and Health IT vendors. DirectTrust serves as a governance forum, trust community, standards organization, and accreditation body for persons and entities engaged in exchange utilizing the Direct Standard™, supported by DirectTrust’s robust security and trust framework. The goal of DirectTrust is to develop, promote, and, as necessary, help enforce the rules and best practices necessary to maintain security and trust within the Direct Secure Messaging community. DirectTrust is committed to fostering widespread public confidence in the interoperable exchange of health information. To learn more, visit

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