Number of healthcare organizations served grew 17%

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, May 9, 2022 / — DirectTrust today announced first quarter 2022 metrics, which include a solid upswing in year-over-year Direct exchange transactions and in the number of healthcare organizations served by DirectTrust health information service providers (HISPs). DirectTrust is a non-profit healthcare industry alliance created to support secure, identity-verified electronic exchanges of protected health information (PHI) between provider organizations, and between providers and patients, for the purpose of improved coordination of care.

According to end of first quarter 2022 metrics:

  • Direct exchange transactions: There were more than 191 million Direct Secure Messages sent and received within the DirectTrust network during the first quarter of 2022, an increase of 11% over the same quarter in 2021. Direct exchange transactions since DirectTrust began tracking transactions in 2014 reached nearly 3.1 billion at the end of the first quarter; an average of more than 63 million transactions per month.
  • DirectTrust organizations served: The number of healthcare organizations served by DirectTrust health information service providers (HISPs) and engaged in Direct Secure Messaging increased 17% to more than 302,000, compared with the same period last year.
  • DirectTrust trusted addresses: The number of trusted Direct addresses able to share PHI grew 7% to more than 2.8 million, compared with the same time last year.
  • DirectTrust patient/consumer use: The number of patients/consumers using Direct Secure Messaging increased 2% to more than 670,000, compared with the same quarter last year.
  • DirectTrust membership: Recent new members include:
    o Cloud Privacy Labs
    o Consensus Cloud Solutions
    o Greg Meyer
    o Open Referral
    o Otis Health
    o PracticalMarkets

“We continue to be impressed with the growth in the number of organizations participating in Direct Secure Messaging and the DirectTrust Network; it’s incredible that 10 years after our April 2012 founding we’re celebrating surpassing 300 thousand organizations able to participate in Direct, as well as more than 3 billion messages exchanged,” said Scott Stuewe, DirectTrust President and CEO. “As we forge toward the future, we continue to place emphasis in areas complementary to the tenants of trust and identity embedded in Direct and DirectTrust. Our standards work is expanding into the area of human services health information exchange, and the nuanced topics of patient identity and a national patient identifier. We encourage organizations who are interested in the expansion of Direct and standards work to join us.”

Charts detailing end of fourth quarter results are available here or by contacting Ed Emerman at [email protected] or 609.240.2766.

About DirectTrust

DirectTrust™ is a non-profit, vendor-neutral alliance initially created by and for participants in the healthcare and technology communities, including Health Information Service Providers (HISPs), Certificate Authorities (CAs), Registration Authorities (RAs), healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, consumers/patients, and health IT vendors. DirectTrust serves as a governance forum, trust community, standards organization, and accreditation body for persons and entities engaged in exchange utilizing PKI mechanisms for trusted, secure information exchange like Direct Secure Messaging and trusted, compliant document submission. The goal of DirectTrust is to develop, promote, and, as necessary, help enforce the rules and best practices necessary to maintain security and trust within its trust community. DirectTrust is committed to fostering widespread public confidence in the interoperable exchange of health information. To learn more, visit:

Ed Emerman
Eagle Public Relations
+1 609-240-2766
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