Our 2024 Conference

The Future of Trust in Health

September 22-25, 2024

St. Louis Hilton at the Ballpark | St. Louis, Missouri

About the 2024 DirectTrust Annual Conference

DirectTrust is proud to announce our 2024 Conference, themed “The Future of Trust in Health.” Set against the backdrop of St. Louis, Missouri, from September 22-25th, this event is dedicated to exploring and constructively bridging the tensions between usability, privacy, security, identity, and collaboration within the interconnected health ecosystem.

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Our Conference Theme: 

In an era where technology’s role in health is ever-expanding, the DirectTrust community seeks to convene stakeholders from across the spectrum to collaboratively envision and strategize towards a health system that not only navigates but thrives amid the complexities of modern healthcare and socialcare challenges. 

Possible Exploration Areas: 

  • How might we provide interoperable solutions and enable reliable individual identification and at the same time ensure privacy?
  • How do we make best use of existing interoperability mechanisms while planning for the future of exchange? 
  • How do we make robust security practices usable?  
  • How can we promote transparency and still protect intellectual property?
  • How do we connect the social services sector with healthcare in a way that respects the needs of both groups? 
  • Which digital health applications are trustworthy and how will we know?
  • How can we provide a privacy preserving and trustworthy way for individuals and their records to be reliably identified and resolved? 
  • How will we balance  potential value with security and intellectual property risks of artificial intelligence and large language models? 
  • How can we prepare for disasters while continuing to run successful operations?
  • Can consensus-based standards development and governance be both inclusive and efficient?
  • How do we promote competition while advancing standards?

More than anything, this conference is meant to serve as a collaborative platform to imagine the ideal health ecosystem we aspire to create and to deliberate on actionable strategies to realize this vision. Read more about this year’s theme in a blog post from President and CEO, Scott Stuewe. 

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Healthcare IT Today will be on-site at the 2024 DirectTrust Annual Conference to cover this highly anticipated, four-day event! Find John Lynn at the Hilton at the Ballpark in St. Louis, hosting interviews and capturing key takeaways. Reach out to learn more about participating in an exclusive 3-in-1 interview!


As the song says, “Meet me in Saint Louis!” Our venue, St. Louis Hilton at the Ballpark is in the heart of downtown St. Louis, two blocks from the iconic Gateway Arch monument, and adjacent to the bustling Ballpark Village featuring Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals. Enjoy the onsite coffee house and restaurants Ballpark Pizza, Market Street Bistro, and 360 Rooftop Bar, featuring fire pits and panoramic city views. A large variety of other restaurants are within walking distance of the hotel. Hilton at the Ballpark also features a recreation center with an indoor pool, a business center and meeting rooms, and rooms with both Arch and ballpark views.

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A Look at Past Events

Conference Tracks

Interconnected Health: Opportunities for Interoperability (Interop Focus)

“Interconnected Health” focuses on the vast opportunities that interoperability brings to the health and social care sector. This track showcases how connecting systems, data, and people can transform patient care, research, and public health. Attendees will explore emerging trends, technologies, and policies that are breaking down silos and fostering a truly interconnected health ecosystem, enabling more informed decisions, improving efficiencies, and creating a more holistic approach to health and wellness.

Risk and Resilience: Strategic Approaches to Compliance in Healthcare (Accreditation/Compliance/Regulation Focus)

“Risk and Resilience” offers a comprehensive look at navigating the complex landscape of healthcare compliance and risk management. This track emphasizes strategic approaches to meeting regulatory requirements while fostering innovation and resilience within organizations. Sessions will cover the latest in regulatory trends, effective risk mitigation strategies including cybersecurity frameworks, services and technologies, and how to build a culture of confidence and compliance that supports both security and patient care excellence.

Trust by Design: Building Digital Identity and Technical Trust into Healthcare (Identity and Technical Trust Focus)

In “Trust by Design,” we address the critical role of digital identity and technical trust mechanisms in securing healthcare information and transactions. This track explores innovative identity management solutions, trust frameworks, and technologies that ensure the accurate and secure identification of individuals across the healthcare continuum. Learn how embedding trust by design can mitigate risks, enhance patient privacy, and facilitate seamless healthcare experiences.

Solution Fusion: New Approaches from Existing Tools (Hybrid Use Cases Focus)

“Solution Fusion” shines a light on the power of hybrid use cases in health and social care, where existing technologies and resources are leveraged in innovative ways to solve complex challenges. This track invites discussion on creative problem-solving, showcasing projects that integrate traditional and digital tools to address unmet needs, improve efficiency and decrease care team burden, and most importantly drive better health outcomes for patients.

Envisioning the Future: Navigating the Next Wave of Innovation (Emerging Technology Focus)

“Envisioning the Future” invites participants to explore the frontier of emerging technologies in healthcare and their potential to reshape the landscape of health and wellness. From artificial intelligence and blockchain to genomics and beyond, this track will provide insights into the future technologies that are poised to revolutionize patient care, health data management, and the very fabric of healthcare systems.

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