Interop Hero Nominations Open

January 12-January 26

Nominate an Interop Hero

Nominations for Interop Hero are open now!

DirectTrust is accepting nominations for the Interoperability Hero Initiative from January 12 through January 26.  Recognition of those awarded the Interop Hero designation begins in February.

Organizations/Teams or Individuals who’ve made significant contributions in one or more of the following categories are eligible for nomination:

  • Advancing Interoperability
  • Alternative to Fax
  • Collaboration with Others
  • Identity-Proofing
  • Organizational Efficiencies
  • Patient Engagement and Perspectives
  • Success Stories
  • Use of Trust Framework
  • Utilizing Direct with Other Standards/Networks (FHIR, Query, etc.)
  • Unique Use Cases

Nominees do not need to be DirectTrust members or use Direct Secure Messaging; rather, this effort is to recognize all those who contribute in many different ways to all aspects of interoperability.

Simply complete this form, choosing their category/categories for nomination, and providing concrete examples of their work.

A maximum of 10 awardees will be recognized beginning in February.

Recognize and celebrate the Interop Heroes you know! Nominate an Interop Hero at this simple form.