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Applications and products that have undergone lab testing to confirm that they process identity credentials correctly

Trans Sped TSP
Certification Tracks

Certification Tracks

  • RSS Support
  • EU Qualified
  • OCSP Support
  • Digital Signature
  • Medium Hardware
Product Information

Credential Provider Information

Trans Sped is the most experienced trusted solutions provider based on qualified digital certificates, active on the domestic market since 2004. Qualified certificates issued by Trans Sped are internationally recognized and guarantee interoperability with various types of systems and applications. Trans Sped provides solutions designed to integrate digital certificates into local networks, Web applications, Microsoft Exchange/Lotus Notes or VPN networks, as well as a wide range of applications, from wizard-type desktop software that allows generating electronic signatures and validating them, software intended for signing, to complex software solutions and integration services of electronic signatures in applications of any kind. Click here to learn more about Trans Sped’s offerings.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Certification Date

Certification Date

October 27, 2020

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