We’ve outlined some key terms and frequently referenced acronyms relative to DirectTrust below. For a more robust Glossary of referenced industry terms, see our full Glossary here.


American National Standards Institute – private non-profit organization that oversees the development of voluntary consensus standards for products, services, processes, systems, and personnel in the United States.  More information at


Accredited Trust Anchor Bundle of DirectTrust


Certificate Authority – authority in a network that issues and manages security credentials and public keys for message encryption


Certificate Policy – specialized form of administrative policy tuned to electronic transactions performed during certificate management


Certificate Practice Statement – public statement that describes the practices that a Certification Authority employs for issuing, renewing, revoking and validating Digital Certificates and for supporting reliance on Certificates

Direct Project

A reference to the activities of a group of healthcare industry technologists and policy people that worked to develop a simple and secure standards-based mechanism to allow senders to push health information securely to known receivers, now known as the Direct Standard™ under the custodianship of DirectTrust


Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission, the governing body of DirectTrust Accreditation


Health Information Service Provider


Public Key Infrastructure – set of hardware, software, people, policies, and procedures needed to create, manage, distribute, use, store, and revoke digital certificates


Registration Authority – a authority in a network that verifies user requests for a digital certificate and tells the certificate authority to issue it


Digital certificate standard format used for secure management and distribution of digitally signed certificates across secure Internet networks. Describes two different levels of Authentication: Simple authentication, which is based on the use of a password to verify user identity; and strong authentication, which uses credentials that are created by cryptographic means


IHE Profile for Cross-enterprise Document Media Interchange


IHE Profile for Cross-enterprise Document Reliable Interchange