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Accredited Trust Bundle

About Accredited Trust Bundle

The DirectTrust Accredited Trust Bundle, frequently referred to as the Accredited Trust Anchor Bundle, or ATAB for short, includes Health Information Service Providers (HISPs), Certificate Authorities (CAs), and Registration Authorities (RAs) that have achieved accreditation through DirectTrust and chosen to participate in the bundle.

All participants in this bundle have successfully achieved accreditation and also met the inclusion requirements. This bundle assures all anchors and associated end-entity certificates represented are in use by a DirectTrust accredited HISP.

HISP-Anchor Inclusion Requirements

Bundle inclusion requirements are explicitly outlined in the DirectTrust Accredited Trust Anchor Bundle SOP.

Trust anchors are submitted with the following materials:

  • Executed copy of the DirectTrust Federated Services Agreement from both the submitting HISP and the relied upon Certificate and Registration authorities. If the HISP and Certificate Authority represent the same entity, then only a single executed agreement is necessary.
  • All Trust Anchor file(s)
  • Sample End-Entity certificate(s) chaining to each trust anchor
    • An example of each End-Entity certificate type that will be issued by the Trust Anchor should be submitted.┬á ┬áCertificates End-Entity types include Direct Domain level certificates and/or Direct Address level certificates.
      • Each Certificate will be submitted as a separate file in .pem format.
      • Submitted Certificate file names shall include the type of Certificate in the file name. The following key-word types are allowed:
        • CA
        • Domain
        • Address
  • Completed profile spreadsheet

Accredited Trust Bundle Members

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