Trust Bundles

Establishing the highest level of trust for secure interoperable exchange

About the DirectTrust Identity Bridge

Formerly the SAFE Identity Bridge, the DirectTrust Identity Bridge is a network infrastructure element that enables the recognition of digital credentials issued by multiple identity providers and to link identity providers together for the benefit of enterprises and agencies.

The SAFE Identity Bridge Certification Authority (SIBCA) is a cryptographic infrastructure that enables individuals and online services to trust each other’s digital identities for high assurance electronic transactions. The SIBCA facilitates trust across multiple organizations via the approved PKI Issuers cryptographically-bound to our infrastructure through cross-certification with the SIBCA.

The DirectTrust Identity Bridge Trust Community is comprised of the SIBCA-certified credential issuers, the asserting organizations that utilize their services, and the organizations that rely on the resulting cryptographically-based identity assertions.

For the most recent information about the Trust Framework and the status of our members please download our certificate bundles: