Qualified Products List

Applications and products that have undergone lab testing to confirm that they process identity credentials correctly

Think of a digital identity as a key. It’s not good enough to standardize a key alone – locks must be standardized, too, so that the key works correctly within it. To carry on the analogy, a screwdriver or a different key, shouldn’t open the lock. It is essential to know only the right key will open the lock. The QPL tests locks and keys to make sure they work together properly to achieve security, interoperability, and convenience.

Certified Credential Providers Comparison

Certified Credential Providers IdenTrust - Part of HID Global
Use Cases

Ways to Use Your Digital Identity

Authentication No Yes Yes
Digital Signature Yes Yes Yes
Encryption No Yes Yes
Human Assurance

Digital Identities for People

Medium Hardware Yes Yes Yes
Medium Software No Yes Yes
Basic Hardware No No Yes
Basic Software No Yes Yes
Device Assurance

Digital Identities for Devices

Device Hardware No Yes Yes
Device Software No Yes Yes
Organization Assurance

Digital Identities for Organizations

Group Basic Hardware No Yes No
Group Basic Software No Yes No
Group Medium Hardware No No No
Group Medium Software No No No
Advanced Credential Support

Criteria that increase interoperability and compliance

Hardware Token No Yes Yes
RSS Support Yes No Yes
OCSP Support Yes Yes Yes
Regulatory Compliance

Criteria which satisfy regulatory requirements

EU Qualified Yes No No
21 CFR Part 11* Yes Yes Yes
21 CFR Part 1311 (EPCS)** Yes Yes Yes
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21 CFR Part 11* :
*See Industry Guidance to help organizations interpret 21 CFR Part 11 to help achieve compliance.
21 CFR Part 1311 (EPCS)** :
**Certified Credential Providers certified under this track offer certificates that meet the requirements defined in 21 CFR Part 1311.105(a)(2). Use the Certificate Checker Tool to see if the certificate you currently have meets EPCS requirements.

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